transsexuals make monay by selling your used panties

Sell used panties

Sell Used Panties

Selling your used panties is a great way to run your own business with TSPanty!

TSPanty is the only one transsexual marketplace for the buying and selling of tgirls used panties. Our community members explore their sexuality with total freedom and can generate some extra income! TSPanty makes every transaction smooth, safe and simple.

Tgirls! Register for free now to start selling your used panties. Have your own online store, set your own prices, and chat with buyers. And because your privacy is important to us, TSpanty is an anonymous community where your personal details are completely safe.

transsexuals make monay by selling your used panties


How do you sell used panty? Getting started

step 1 to sell your used panty on


To sell used panty, first, you need to sign up for your free TSPanty account and come up with a username. It’s free and easy to register on TSPanty.

step 2 to sell your used panty on


This step is very important, as your profile is your used TSPanty shop, and the first thing potential buyers see. Your profile must include pictures of you and a description of yourself.

step 3 to sell your used panty on


This step involves sourcing, wearing and advertising your used panties. Take pictures of yourself in a pair of panties and upload these to your profile. You can choose whether to show your whole body or just a part of yourself – whatever you feel comfortable with. Include a detailed description of the product. Consider how long you will offer to wear them for, and whether you can do any activities in them that might create a more appealing scent, such as exercise.

step 4 to sell your used panty on


Once you have an interested buyer, you can agree on the payment and shipping method that suits you. Receive your payment, wear the panties, put them in an envelope, and post them off. Easy.

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